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About PSP

Founded in 1967, The Photographic Society of Penang (PSP) provides a wide range of services that promote photography, provide learning opportunities and various benefits to its members. PSP also organises photography related activities which include monthly photo outings, seminars and photography competitions.

PSP is the proud organiser of the first photo salon in Malaysia which was held in year 1973. Led by the first photographer who became the world's best top 10 photographer and a 5-star Photo Exhibitor of Photographic Society of America (PSA) in Malaysia, Mr Song Jin Tek, PSP later organised the first PSA and FIAP recognised photo salon in 1982, which attracted participants from 42 countries with over 3,000 entries. Other high profile activities include the 16th Congress of The Federation of Asian Photographic Art (FAPA 1998) and 'The Beautiful Penang' From The World Chinese Photographers' Perspective in 2002.

Our Inspiration

It is the inspiration of all Penangites to maintain our edge and to nurture our rich cultures and heritage. With this inspiration and admiration, we photographic artists pledge to snap and capture every aspect of life and the emblems of Penang which depicts the eternal beauty of the Pearl of the Orient.

We are zealous to make the Pearl Of the Orient known to the whole world and let the pearl shine again. This is our pledge to our motherland - Penang.

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PSP 在1973 年举办了马来西亚第一场沙龙摄影展。在马来西亚第一位成为世界顶级摄影师的Song Jin Tek先生的领导之下,PSP在1982 年举办了第一场被美国摄影学会(PSA) 以及国际摄影联盟 (FIAP)认证的沙龙摄影展。这场沙龙摄影展当时吸引了来自42个国家的参赛者,收录了超过3,000参赛作品。PSP其它倍受瞩目的活动有1998年第16届 Congress of The Federation of Asian Photographic Art (FAPA 1998),和2002年的'The Beautiful Penang' From The World Chinese Photographers' Perspective。

PSP 的会员们对摄影的热诚主要来自于身为槟城人对于其家乡的热爱。为保住槟城丰富的人文风情和世界遗产,我们的会员们视拍下槟城的各个生活情景和具有代表性的地标为己任。